About Us

About Us

We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Choice FM was established in 1994 and is dedicated in servicing multinational companies in the commercial, industrial, retail, office and government institutions. Our work is guaranteed to offer companies the highest level of satisfaction. We are able to provide these services by using the highest quality chemicals, latest equipment and state-of-the-art cleaning process. We have chosen our personnel that can accept the responsibility of cleaning your premises. We have achieved our success by consistently providing genuine dedication and excellence to our valued customers.

Our philosophy is to offer expert workmanship and attention-to-detail as part of our professional service. We strived to exceed the expectations of our customers. This is the reason why our clients can expect the best work with a satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Staff

With over 300+ staff, we have a strong and committed workforce. The average “Choice” employee lifespan is around 15 years! The experience of our team is our clients greatest asset! Every client receives the same dedication and commitment every day, without exceptions! Our employees are courteous, professional and trained to the highest standards. All our staff are screened, security checked and trained in all relevant safety standards.


We have won multiple awards for our cleaning services. Our greatest awards are the one’s from our clients due to their high satisfaction. Award us with your work to reap the reward of Choice FM!

Our Equipment

One of the reasons for our high standard is due to our unique equipment and continues R & D to always keep improving our process and standards.

Why Choose us?

Contact us today and see the CHOICE difference. 1300 737 849